OLite 510

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À propos de l’OLite 510

The OLite 510 combines the requirements of indoor and outdoor usage in a single, robust and reliable LED display tile.

Built specifically for the demanding rental and staging market, the OLite 510 is the first LED display tile designed for creative applications as well as image magnification (IMAG). Each tile can easily be split up in to 64 modules enabling creative display designs of any size and shape.

The combination of indoor and outdoor usage as well as conventional display and creative applications makes the OLite 510 the most versatile LED display system on the market. This versatility enables rental companies to achieve unprecedented return on investment as the OLite 510 can be used in a wide range of applications and settings both indoor and outdoor.

The use of SMD LED display technology enables wide viewing angles and great uniformity even at short viewing distances. Add to this high brightness (5000 Nit), high resolution (10mm pixel pitch), superior color depth and uniformity (15 bit processing), IP65 protecting rating and you will see that OLite 510 represents a quantum leap forward in LED display technology.


Redefine the imaging landscape, challenge conventions and be bold! Don’t let yesterdays technology limit you: use the modularity of OLite 510 to unleash your creativity.

The OLite 510 is supplied as a ready to use LED tile. However, each tile breaks down into 64 discreet modules, each with 8 by 11 pixels. These modules are connected to a common control unit, also mounted inside the tile structure, by means of four cable strings, each providing power and signal to 16 modules.

The modules can also be used outside of the tile structure. This concept has proven to be very attractive to show designers who are looking to move beyond the use of video as pure image magnification (IMAG). The modularity of the OLite 510 system allows designers to integrate LED screen technology in set designs, to create screens of any shape and size, to let the video flow over surfaces and truly harmonize with the overall visual concept.

Cost effective
Creative aspects aside, an LED screen is a significant invest-ment and needs to make good financial sense. It needs to be suitable for a wide range of uses to attract a steady stream of customers. Nothing beats the OLite 510 in terms of versatility; indoor or outdoor, IMAG or creative, the OLite 510 offers unprecedented utility at a level of performance that meets the demands of even the toughest and most challenging applica-tions. You can depend on it to work reliably in just about any environment, even in cold pouring rain!

Practical and convenient
The OLite 510 can be dismantled quick and easy without tools. The modules slide in to place and are held firmly in place by guiding pins and integrated snap locks. Power and signal is handled by a single rugged connector that eliminates wiring errors and reduces assembly time to a minimum. In case a module gets damaged, it is easily replaced without having to recalibrate or even turn of the system.

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