The Vikings believed the Northern Lights in the sky were the reflections of the Valkyries’ armor as they led the warriors to Odin. We see our Valkyrie as the solution that will lead customers to Barco, to experience what a great image is. Valkyrie is Barco Residential's most popular LED solution based on size and viewing distance. You would think 1.2 pixel pitch is big, but LED is about the correct viewing and about how the source is delivered from the content player to the display. Barco is always making sure the image is perfect. We have developed a completely new processor for our TruePix panels which together with our Valkyrie display reproduces a revolutionary viewing experience with an highly dynamic, yet very realistic image.

What is TruePix

TruePix is Barco Residential new indoor high-resolution LED platform. The 27,5” inch tiles with a 16:9 aspect ratio range from .9mm to 1.5mm pixel pitch. TruePix brings content to life as intended and ensures predictable, truly seamless visualization, based on smart engineering and the company’s next-generation Infinipix® gen2 image processing platform. which ensures color accuracy and perfect contrast at any brightness level. The self-regulating wall structure and perfectly aligned LED modules offer a perfectly flat wall and uniform image, with seams less than 0.1 mm, the entire video wall lifetime.


With more than 2 decades of expertise on LED technology, Barco is not new to the LED market. But it is the first time we introduce that expertise, knowledge and experience into the Residential market. Barco has redesigned every component creating TruePix, a new direct view LED platform, ensuring an unmatched viewing experience.

One of the key components is the new generation of image processing “Infinipix® To be true to our philosophy to make sure we share the movie director’s passion and commitment to the ‘suspension of disbelief’, which is so important in the art of movie-making, we have made sure TruePix supports the most common colour gamuts used in our Market. Our products supports both REC 709 and DCI colour space as well as the latest HDR technologies.

Our mission: to envelop film buffs with an exceptional film experience in the comfort of the most modern living spaces. TruePix, Barco's new flagship indoor LED platform, sets a new standard for large video walls. It feels like The Wall disappears and get replaced by an amazing picture. The solution brings content to life as intended and ensures predictable, truly seamless outcomes, by combining smart engineering and Infinipix® Gen2. smooth and efficient operations for an unparalleled experience.
Spécifications générales
3840 x 2160
Pas de pixels
Pixels par module
480 x 270 (HxV)
Number of tiles
>600 Nits
Uniformité de la luminosité
Traitement des images
23 bit
Profondeur des couleurs
16 bit (281 trillion colors)
HLG / HDR10 supported
Atténuation de l’intensité lumineuse
Fréquence de rafraichissement
3,840 hz
Défilement d’image
24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 / 47.95 / 48 / 50 / 59.94 / 60 / 100 / 119.88 /
120 / 144 Hz
Angle de vision horiz.
160° +/-5°
Angle de vision vert.
160° +/-5°
Infinpix® Gen2
3D Supported
Dimensions (l x L x H)
487.92 x 274.48 cm (192.08 x 108 inches)
Poids / Tuile
8.2kg/tile (single PSU) 8.6 kg/tile (dual PSU)
524.8 kg (single PSU), 550.4 kg (dual PSU)
Humidité (fonctionnement)
10% - 80%
Température de fonctionnement
-10°C to +40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Homologation IP
Consommation électrique
775 W/m² (max) = total 16,2kW
273 W/m² (typ) = total 5,63kW
less than 10 W/m² (standby) = less than 200W total
BTU par heure
2,404 BTU/h/m² (max)
1,026 BTU/h/m² (typ)
Alimentation électrique
110-130V/200-240V, 50-60 Hz
Self-leveling with surface tolerance compensation
Disponibilité technique
Full front & full back service
Remplacement du module
Automated parallel motorized extraction
Positionnement du module
Guided module placement
SteadyView driver algorithm to reduce eye fatigu
3 years, can be extended up to 8 years

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