True colors, for life

Barco has been at the forefront of LED innovations since the nineties. Based on this long heritage of expertise, our LED-lit rear-projection video walls family has the innovations on board to offer the most optimal visualization. Not only in terms of image quality, but also in viewing comfort, ease of maintenance, and operator-friendliness.

Series highlights

Higher brightness

The next-generation LED light source drastically improves the brightness of Barco’s LED rear-projection video walls. With a 55% increase in maximum engine light output compared with the industry standard, they can be deployed in virtually all indoor lighting conditions. 

Lifetime and reliability

These LED rear-projection video walls also bring an important step-up in reliability, featuring redundant inputs to ensure a continuous data flow, an optional external power supply with automatic failover, and a light source lifetime of over 100,000 hours.

Easy installation and remote management

Barco's Video wall Manager software makes it a lot easier to install, configure and control the video wall. The cloud-based Video wall Management Suite, on its part, allows remote monitoring, diagnostics and control for Barco video walls. 

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