Optimizing patient care and clinical operations

In today’s hospitals, streamlining patient flows and ensuring patient satisfaction has become increasingly difficult. When managing your hospital, you want to use information coming from a variety of sources to make better decisions to cut waiting times, treat more patients, improve the patient experience, and reduce pressure on your staff. 

Streamline your patient flow

Hospitals are always looking for ways to raise their quality standards for patient care. However, they are increasingly challenged by operational realities, such as limited bed availability, increased logistic complexity, and a workforce spending too much time on non-caring tasks. Healthcare control rooms enable hospital professionals to get a better grip on the patient flow. Based on a complete, real-time overview of their operations, they can make better decisions to transfer patients more quickly, enable faster patient discharge and reduce waiting hours, all of which result in a better patient experience. 

Additional control room applications

Taking care of patients also entails protecting they personal records, and their physical safety. To secure the safety of both data and hospital premises, Barco has dedicated solutions in its portfolio. They allow for focussed monitoring, swifter actions, and optimal collaboration between various stakeholders.

Visualize critical parameters

Barco helps you to visualize all critical parameters of patient care, including camera feeds, sensor data, and planning databases. By bringing all different sources of information from various departments and sites together into one shared video wall overview, you can detect bottlenecks faster, reduce bed assignment time, and make better use of your hospital’s staff and resources. Additionally, visualization solutions from Barco help you to share your critical patient data in a secure way across your organization or with remote team members.

Capitalizing on information

Today’s hospital operations make use of multiple technologies and data sources. Information often needs to be exchanged between different applications and disparate IT systems, making interoperability a must. Barco CTRL is a powerful but simple to use control room software and hardware platform that streamlines workflows and gets the right information to the right place in a secure way.

Additionally, Barco likes to challenge healthcare professionals to do more with data and look beyond the hospital walls. From ambulance tracking, over weather reports to live camera footage, Barco-powered clinical command centers allow operators to add any source of information that can improve clinical performance. 

Personal Barco workspace allows Amsterdam control room operators to navigate quickly

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