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Connecting on-site and remote workers


Even in the best of times, IT managers are faced with challenges to find those futureproof solutions to increase employee’s productivity and boost business outcomes. A set of tools equipped to step into the Digital Workplace of the Future also includes solutions to empower trends like BYOD, BYOM, remote working and meeting. Working and collaborating from anywhere is crucial to keep businesses up and running especially in challenging period like during and after the global COVID-19 outbreak.
Remote is the new normal

As employees are slowly gaining more confidence in balancing their new work-from-home lifestyle and reaching out to colleagues in video calls, we should not forget that all these solutions were enabled and rolled out by often under-resourced IT staff. With the additional challenge that many users have been using their own devices and tools to do video conferencing at home – some even buying peripherals for better performance.

There’s a huge challenge to connect employees - sometimes in a very fast pace -, to keep the communication tools as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible and to roll-out platforms and solutions that will proof their efficiency even after getting back to the office. Challenges that can make or break the future of any smooth-running organization... Because post-virus office life might well bring a behavorial shift as well. People will keep on working on their own devices instead of using the tools available in the meeting rooms. Simply because they are far more intuitive and seamless. And then IT departments need to be ready to accommodate BYOM – Bring Your Own Meeting, of course.

Back in business

The world we live in today is quite different from what it was just a few months ago. And it will remain to be different afterwards. More than ever, when going back to our actual workplaces, we will want to keep our workforce connected, collaborating and safe and get business moving again. With travel restrictions still in place, organizations at different stages with remote work and the world gradually returning to a normal work regime, IT staff will continue to offer employees access to remote collaborative solutions and catering to their BYOM needs. A hybrid approach to working practices, and a better balance of home and office-based working will be key. This will shift the focus to connecting both on-site and remote workers.

By 2023 fewer than one third of digital workers will select the corporate office as their preferred place to work.
- Gartner
No need to miss your meetings

Setting up a meeting or conf call today shouldn’t mean trouble, calling IT or fighting with tech that is not as intuitive as it should be. The key is to find person-centric solutions that put intuitive user experience first, without disrupting the enterprise’s existing meeting set-up.

Rolling out ClickShare Conference in meeting rooms, enables IT managers to embrace BOYD and BYOM in the workplace. It gives on-site users the perfect solution to connect with remote colleagues, benefitting from using not only their preferred devices and preferred UC&C platforms, but also making the most from the AV peripherals in the actual meeting room. Optimizing collaboration and video meetings in all types of meeting rooms, is what we stand for.

No more frictions with changing meeting rooms, having to work with different user interfaces of UC&C solutions and swapping between conferencing tools.

It goes without saying that ClickShare devices are fully secure, easy accessible and fully compatible with the existing IT infrastructure. They also give employees that same intuitive collaborative experience from huddle space to boardroom, from meeting room to conference room. No need for training. No need for additional investments too, because, we do realize IT budgets are crucial too. Our products work with existing UC&C platforms, USB peripherals and there is no requirement for additional HDMI leads or adapters to meet BYOM needs.

The day-to-day management of ClickShare is easy, with tools like our cloud-based XMS management platform. Managing, monitoring and updating with our free software updates a fleet of units can be done smoothly and automatically, anywhere and any time. Allowing IT staff to gear up for a better, smoother and remote future of work.

ClickShare Conference can help IT move forward, now more than ever.