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Barco and Applied Spectral Imaging announce commercial partnership in digital pathology

Kortrijk, Belgium, and Carlsbad, CA - 31 January 2024 – Global visualization leader Barco and Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI), a world leader in advanced biomedical imaging with a comprehensive product portfolio for karyotyping, H&E, IHC and FISH imaging and analysis, today announced a new commercial partnership to offer best-in-class digital solutions for pathology laboratories.

In the context of this mutually beneficial non-exclusive business relationship, ASI will be granted the rights to globally promote, market and resell Barco's MDPC-8127 color digital pathology display, enabling pathology laboratories to combine Barco’s ultra-high-definition medical grade display with ASI’s comprehensive product portfolio for scanning and analysis of brightfield, fluorescent and spectral images.

Barco has long been established as a global leader in visualization technology, active in the healthcare, enterprise and entertainment markets. The company offers a cutting-edge portfolio of visualization and collaboration solutions for use in medical environments. The MDPC-8127 was launched in 2021 as the world’s first standalone display for digital pathology. The MDPC-8127 is a modern, 27-inch medical grade display that offers 8MP performance, ultra-high definition resolution and 1.07 billion possible colors, which together result in unprecedented visual richness and color confidence. It enables efficient reading sessions with minimal image blurring, thanks to an industry-leading frame rate of 120Hz and Barco’s RapidFrame technology. The display comes with the state-of-the-art quality control and compliance software QAWeb Enterprise, for image stability throughout its entire lifetime.

ASI’s extensive range of FDA-cleared, IVDR-compliant and research-use only imaging and analysis solutions associates high image quality with advanced computer-aided tools for cell segmentation and classification. ASI’s digital pathology product portfolio includes HiPath Pro for the scanning and analysis of brightfield images, featuring tissue matching capabilities across multiple IHC biomarkers such as ER, PR, HER2, Ki67, P53 and PD-L1. PathFusion complements ASI’s digital pathology product portfolio by bridging the gap between brightfield and FISH imaging, offering AI-powered algorithms across multiple probe vendors and sample types. Now scanner-agnostic, ASI’s digital pathology software portfolio supports images acquired on third-party scanners and allows tissue matching between brightfield and FISH slides across images from multiple vendors, combining reliable results with efficient FISH workflows.

Speaking about the new partnership, Inge Haesaerts, VP Product & Solutions for Diagnostic Imaging at Barco noted: “Digital pathology is an exciting evolution, making the field of pathology flexible and future-proof. We are convinced that working with high-quality medical displays, designed for whole slide image viewing, is an indispensable part of that. We are glad to be leading the change together with ASI.”

“Our partnership with Barco highlights ASI’s commitment to offer state-of-the-art digital solutions for pathology laboratories” said Limor Shiposh, Chief Executive Officer at ASI. “By combining Barco’s FDA-cleared image visualization display with ASI’s imaging and analysis platforms for H&E, IHC and FISH images, our companies are dedicated to offer best-in-class solutions which will benefit the pathology community with enhanced image quality and precision.” Mrs. Shiposh added.

About Barco

Barco is a global company with headquarters in Kortrijk (Belgium). Our visualization and collaboration technology helps professionals accelerate innovation in the healthcare and enterprise and entertainment markets. We count over 3,000 visioneers, whose passion for technology is captured in over 500 unique patents.

Barco is a listed company (Euronext: BAR; Reuters: BARBt.BR; Bloomberg: BAR BB) and realized sales of 1,058 million euro in 2022.

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About Applied Spectral Imaging

Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) is a global leader in biomedical imaging with a comprehensive product portfolio for Karyotyping, H&E, IHC and FISH imaging and analysis. The Company's advanced technology provides Pathology, Cytogenetics and Research laboratories with solutions from slide scanning and high-resolution whole slide imaging to analysis, reporting, and Laboratory Information Systems’ connectivity.

ASI’s product portfolio is FDA-cleared for BandView Karyotyping, FISHView, SpotScan for CEP XY, UroVysion, ALK and HER2/neu FISH, and HiPath IHC Family for HER2, ER, PR and Ki67 in manual configuration. The ASI product family is IVDR compliant.

Founded in 1993, ASI develops, markets, services and supports its products in more than 80 countries. The Company has offices in the USA and Asia, and reaches worldwide coverage through a network of distribution partners.

For more information about ASI, visit www.spectral-imaging.com or e-mail Sales@spectral-imaging.com.


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