Barco video walls and ClickShare help Eurasia Tunnel boost safety

Istanbul, TR - 2017

Since 20 December 2016, it is much easier to transit between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul, Turkey: vehicles can now use the 5km-long Eurasia Tunnel under the Bosphorus strait between Kumkapı and Koşuyolu. With this new route, the journey time between Kazlıçesme and Göztepe is shortened from 100 minutes to 15 minutes – a great way to ease Istanbul’s notorious heavy traffic.

Barco solution

  • ClickShare presentation system
  • Video wall displays

Why Barco? 

  • Quality
  • Ease of use
Oversee the complex functions
As one of the biggest public works projects in Turkey, the Eurasia Tunnel is strategically important to a wide range of stakeholders. The management therefore made great investments to ensure safety and smoothen operations. The primary and secondary control rooms feature no fewer than 29 video wall displays (7 x 2 MVL-721 units, 5 NGP-200 units, eight KVD-5521 units and two NGS-D220 lite units) to oversee the complex tunnel management functions. The meeting rooms, conference spaces and the CEO’s office are equipped with ClickShare units (nine in total).

An essential component

“ClickShare doesn’t just save us time and money – it makes it easy to manage the many meetings taking place each day, especially in the crisis management center. In this way, ClickShare boosts safety and our ability to respond to dynamic transportation situations,” asserts Murat Çalışırişçi, IT Coordinator at Eurasia Tunnel. The employees of the company were immediately impressed by ClickShare’s ease-of-use, value for money and quality of service. “ClickShare is an essential component of our daily operations,” adds Çalışırişçi.
ClickShare is an essential component of our daily operations.

Murat Çalışırişçi

IT Coordinator at Eurasia Tunnel

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