The fascinating world of Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo, powered by Barco laser phosphor projection

Les Baux de Provence, FR - 2017

Picturesque squares, narrow streets and mind-blowing views of the Alpilles; there are plenty of reasons to visit the French village of Les Baux-de-Provence. Lovers of art and heritage, however, will be particularly enthusiastic about the Carrières des Lumières – the old quarry, where the huge rock walls and floor (7,000m², up to 14m high) have formed the backdrop for sound and light shows for 30 years. In 2010, Culturespaces took over the management of the Carrières. Their objective: to immerse visitors into the fascinating artwork of the world’s most famous painters. Since March 2017, 75 Barco laser phosphor projectors have helped bring the paintings to life on the former quarry’s walls, in great detail and the crispest colors.

Barco solution 

  • PGWU-62L laser phosphor projectors

Why Barco? 

  • brightness
  • reliability
As the backdrop – the former quarry’s huge, uneven walls, floor and ceiling – is quite unusual, Culturespaces needed ultra-bright projectors to depict the images in the most lifelike way possible. In addition, the projectors have to be robust – there is a risk of exposure to dust and humidity – and reliable, as an exhibition runs for ten months on end, 7 days a week. 75 of Barco’s lightweight PGWU-62L laser phosphor projectors were set up in just a couple of weeks, right on time to bring the works of Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo to life to the music of Carl Orff and Led Zeppelin during the 2017 exhibition.
The price-performance ratio is ideal. The projectors have really lifted this exhibition to a higher level.

Bruno Monnier

CEO of Culturespaces

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