Dreamy wanders along the Houhe River with Barco projections

Jiangxi, CN - 2022

Ji'an in Jiangxi Province, known as Luling in ancient times, is one of the three pillars of Jiangxi culture and has been the place of arts and cultural origin since ancient times. Running through the city's hinterland, the 24 kilometers Houhe River, an important "economic and cultural corridor" of ancient Luling, carries its long history. Now, Ji'an regards the recovery of the Houhe River as an important part of urban renewal and launched the Dream wanders to Luling projection mapping night tour project this year, thereby boosting the tourism consumption market and promoting the development of high-quality integration of cultural tourism.

Barco solutions:

  • 10 x UDX-W40
  • 31 x UDX-W22
  • 11 x Barco laser phosphor projectors in the range of 10,000 lumens

Key benefits:

  • Excellent brightness, color accuracy, and stability
  • Geometric correction and blending to achieve seamless images
  • Wide vertical lens shifts, suitable for various projection scenes
  • Dustproof and sealed design, for projectors to be used in the water environment
  • Modular design allows for quick disassembly and replacement
  • Guaranteed service and support

The entire project uses Barco high-lumen projectors, applying visual technologies such as water curtain projection, projection mapping, and interactive light show to integrate the millennium Luling culture into the real world and the performing arts. Through 5.5 kilometers of immersive, projection mappings, the experience tells the story of the two thousand years of development of Luling culture from the Qin Dynasty through the Tang and Song Dynasties, Ming, and Qing Dynasties, and then to the modern Ji'an.


For an immersive viewing experience, the creative team makes full use of the water, the bridge, and the diverse architecture on the river as the projection carrier. Environmental disturbances such as ambient light and water mist have a more significant impact on projection, and uneven projection surfaces could cause serious optical loss. To ensure excellent presentation, especially when projecting the image on the water curtain, the brightness, resolution, and color performance of the projection equipment undoubtedly become more important.

At the same time, the projection content of this project is rich and diverse, using more than 50 kinds of digital night tour creative techniques. In the face of complex projection carriers and imaging needs, the equipment must overcome many difficulties, including substantial geometric correction, warping, blending, and multi-layer overlay.

In addition, unlike ordinary outdoor projection mapping projects, Dream wanders to Luling is an all-region water night tour. The whole line of the project is built along the river. The overall environment is more humid, and there are many mosquitoes. This needs projection equipment with good waterproof performance and high requirements for installation, maintenance, and dustproof work.


After multiple on-the-spot investigations, based on the advantages of its own products and rich team experience, Barco's imaging experts set up a total of 10 UDX-W40, 31 UDX-W22, and eleven smaller laser phosphor projectors in the range of 10,000 lumens on the 5.5 km night tour traveling line. And ensured the best projection angle through flexible adjustment and calibration for the projection and installation needs of each scene.

The unique laser light source technology of the Barco UDX series projectors achieves a significant increase in brightness without compromising the color quality. The 3-chip DLP technology equipped with a high-contrast optical engine maintains Barco's consistently high level of performance in terms of brightness, color accuracy, and stability. The ultra-high resolution achieves a fine image rendering, giving visitors an awe-inspiring experience.

With built-in geometric correction and blending functions, multiple Barco projectors work together to achieve seamless image blending without chromatic aberration. The TLD+ series lenses offer a wide range of throw ratios, and the vertical lens shift range is up to 130%, which perfectly fits with various scenes and projection surfaces.

The DLP technology of Barco projectors ensures high stability and is best suited for high-brightness applications, allowing stable color uniformity over long periods of operation. And the dustproof chassis seals against the challenges of rough water operating environment.


The 52 sets of Barco projection equipment with high lumens and a wide color gamut allow visitors to enjoy the vivid image of the Houhe River, with stable and reliable product quality, abundant lens options, and the convenient setting of multi-channel blending. The creative designs of different scenes can be presented realistically, and a modern version of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival is vividly created in the Houhe River of Ji'an.

© pics & video courtesy of LIGHTING CENTURY

This project makes full use of the water, bridge, and diverse design on the river as canvasses, setting crucial needs for projection tools.

Huang Hao


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