30 авг. 2023 г.

Barco presents a 3D projection fantasy on a 170-meter cruise ship

Shenzhen, CN - 2023

In Sea World Shekou you’ll find this former cruise ship called the MINGHUA which has been refitted as a visitor attraction. As a key symbol for the region’s tourism efforts, the ship played an important role as a unique canvas for a fantastical projection mapping, powered by Barco’s UDX flagship line projectors, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the re-opening of the Shenzhen region for visitors.

Barco solutions

  •  14 × UDX-W40

Key benefits:

  • Excellent brightness, color accuracy, and stability
  • Meet the projection needs of different brightness and resolution
  • Quickly removable and replaceable, saving time and money
  • Professional installation team service



    MINGHUA is a 1962 French liner later converted to a cruise ship. Now landlocked, she is the centerpiece of the Sea World development anchored at the beautiful Liuwan Bay of Shekou, Shenzhen. It is China's first comprehensive maritime tourism center and one of the important symbols of China's reform and opening up. It has been a must-see destination for tourists since the 1980s. On the 2022 Chinese New Year, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen's reform and tourist re-opening, the Shenzhen Digital Creativity and Multimedia Industry Association joined hands with the cultural tourism night tour creative team LIGHTING CENTURY TECHNOLOG, to create the first 3D mapping show on a domestic 170-meter super-large ship hull. With the MINGHUA Ship as the main body, the show "Light in Future", is themed on Shenzhen speed, Internet, 5G, AI, new energy, and other cultural elements rich in Shenzhen characteristics.




    Unlike the regular and flat screens, the 170-meter-long mega-hull has an uneven canvas with dynamic curves. Therefore, the projection and blending accuracy is crucial, and it is necessary to find the best installation position and projection angle to ensure that the light beams cover the projection area precisely.

    Meanwhile, many windows were posing a non-negligible problem of reflection at night. It was also a challenge to ensure the clarity and color saturation of the images on the window. And the two materials, glass and metal, put forward very different requirements for the brightness and resolution of the projection systems. Another challenge for the projection equipment and team is to meet the large-scale and complex imaging task with fewer projectors.




    For this project, fourteen UDX-W40 projectors were selected by Barco to cover the ultra-long and multi-window projection carrier. With the unique FLEX² feature, the UDX series projectors can set the brightness and resolution for different projection needs, thus enabling a wider range of projections with different brightness and resolution requirements using fewer projectors. The projectors ensure a clear rendering on both glass and metal without chromatic aberration, and helping the client achieve top-notch projection effects at a lower cost. The 3-chihp DLP technology enable accurate color rendering. Even on glass carriers, where reflection is a severe problem, it has achieved a high-standard visual presentation that exceeds expectations.

    And with the support of constant light output (CLO) technology, the long-term stability of the projection effect is guaranteed. 




    Barco projectors feature a fully modular design, which can be quickly disassembled and replaced. It facilitates great flexibility and ease-of-use during project set-up and operation, but also effectively reduces the time and monetary cost of equipment maintenance.

    The professional installation team carefully positioned and commissioned the 14-channel system. The best projection angle was found on the shore of Liuwan Bay, ensuring that every inch of the MINGHUA Ship was utilized to its fullest potential. 

    With the combination of projection technology and phantom special effects, the Shenzhen spirit and art are woven into a dreamlike three-dimensional visual space, presenting visitors with a stunning and unforgettable 3D mapping show with mind-shocking cultural interpretation.

    "Barco's advanced projection technology enabled our creativity to be realized, bringing a unique viewing experience."

    Huang Hao


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