7 апр. 2011 г.

Red dot award for coolest video wall

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Barco entered the red dot design competition with the OL-521, a 50" LED-lit rear-projection display cube for fixed video wall installations, and convinced an international jury with the OL's highly innovative features.

The red dot honors high design quality and is only granted to products that stand out from comparable products due to their excellent design. All entries are evaluated according to the highest standards and strict criteria based on functionality, innovation level, quality, ergonomics and durability. These are some of the OL's features that convinced the jury:

Compact design
The OL-521 is the most space-saving display cube in Barco's LED video wall offering. It features a depth of less than 45 cm (1.5 ft) and a weight of no more than 44 kg (97 lbs), which leads to significant fuel and cost savings during transport and installation. The OL also comes with front accessibility, removing the need for a rear maintenance access and thus allowing a very compact control room design.

Clever ergonomics
Due to Barco's Sense6 auto-calibration technology, uniform brightness over the entire display cube is ensured, which helps reduce eye fatigue. Additionally, The OL uses a hang and flip principle for easy installation and an automated shift and tilt sytem for geometry alignment, allowing ultra-fast set-up, configuration and start-up.
Cool engineering
Thanks to liquid cooling, the OL has a lifetime of as much as 10 years for use in 24/7 applications. What's more, due to the same liquid cooling technique, the OL is 20% brighter than any other video wall on the market.
Conceptual integrity 
The OL has been designed with  a minimum of components, removing all non-essential features. The components used have a specific function, are interoperable and can be re-used when upgrading or swithing to another type of installation. This highly transparent design approach adds to the overall usability of the product.