11 февр. 2016 г.

Looking for more info on 4K UHD for projection? Download our white paper!

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Many people see the cinema as a world completely distinct from TV and in many ways, it is. Cinema is obviously “out of home”; a social experience for sure and is enjoyed in a dark environment, typically on a bigger-than-life size screen. However, global content must now be produced for a much wider range of screen sizes and display device technologies, driving these worlds closer together - on parallel tracks of advancement.

What is 4K UHDTV?

4K UHDTV is a general term for a new high-performance TV standard. This standard incorporates many of the improvements anticipated and enabled by premium laser projection: 4K resolution; higher brightness, higher contrast ratio and dynamic range, wider color gamut and higher frame rate. As TV makers compete to improve the in-home viewing experience, they are driving creatives and content makers to produce much higher performance versions, suitable for both 4K UHDTV as well as the rapidly growing installed base of Premium Laser Cinemas.

4K UHD projection

Earlier this week, we launched our first projectors with 4K UHD resolution: HDX-4K20 FLEX and F90-4K13. In our white paper we explain how Barco creatively applies innovative technology to bring 4K UHD advances to a broader range of cost-effective Barco projection solutions.

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