13 июн. 2017 г.

How to control ambient light in the radiology reading room

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Display ergonomics are as vital as image quality to ensure productive reading sessions. That’s why a good diagnostic display gives you full control not only of your screen’s brightness but also of the environmental lighting.

Reading dozens of studies per day in an environment with low levels of ambient light, radiologists often experience eye fatigue. This is indicated by 70% of radiologists in a 2014 study by The MarkeTech Group. That’s exactly why a diagnostic display system should give you full control of the ambient lighting in a reading room. So meet SoftGlow.

Is it too dark to read your patient records? Then simply turn on the SoftGlow task light. It will shed a subtle light on what is on your desk. Are you getting tired from sitting in the dark? Then turn on the SoftGlow wall light. It will brighten up the reading room without interfering with the images on your screen.

Intuitive Workflow Tools

These tools have been designed to make your work as a radiologist more comfortable, without compromising your clinical accuracy. The result? Pleasurable but productive reads.