27 мая 2019 г.

Keep up with the new software updates for Infinipix<sup>TM</sup>


In 2015 Barco launched their unique LED image processing system: InfinipixTM. In order to keep up with new technologies and the changing requirements of LED users, we regularly update the software of our platform. Here’s what’s new and improved for the InfinipixTM software version 6.1.

1. High bandwidth mode of the InfinipixTM processor
Higher bandwidth is realized by utilizing optimizations on the video parameters to reduce consumption of bandwidth. This means that more tiles can be connected to one single InfinipixTM processor. Right now our InfinipixTM can drive two and a half times more tiles than other processors working with 1G image processing technologies. This drastically minimizes the complexity of your installation.
2. Automated module replacement

With the smart automated module replacement, creating uniform displays is piece of cake. The InfinipixTM system is able to identify the replacement of a module in your installation. This information automatically triggers a transfer of the necessary image settings and color data of the replaced tile to (re)calibrate the entire wall. There’s no need for user’s intervention or additional manual actions from an engineer. Save time and money while InfinipixTM does the work for you!

3. Camera-assisted seam compensation

And it gets even better; seam compensation is also automated with the InfinipixTM platform. When the LED modules are too close to each other, you get a bright seam; when there’s too much space between the tiles, you get a dark seam. Upload a picture of your entire wall in the InfinipixTM system, and it will analyze the seams in the image and coordinate the necessary compensatory actions for your wall to become optically seamless.

4. Extended JSON-RPC API

The InfinipixTM manager, NM100, hosts a web interface that allows you to centrally access information for your LED displays and offers the tools to view and manipulate settings on the hardware. With the additional SNMP and JSON RPC support, the InfinipixTM features can also be implemented in third party monitoring and control solutions. The most recent software upgrade extends the potential of this functionality which is now available for an even wider range of third party systems.

For an extensive list of new features and updates, please check the Release Notes.