13 февр. 2020 г.

Discover Barco’s 2019 annual report: ‘Expand’

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Barco’s 2019 annual report is now available. Titled ‘Expand’, it explores the current and next steps for the organization that are leading to sustainable profitable growth. The 2019 results are healthy, showing solid growth and improved profitability.

“Every single Barco division had a strong growth dynamic in 2019, which was reflected in an increase of almost 10% in turnover and another 2 percentage points in EBITDA margin”, says Jan De Witte, CEO of Barco. “As planned, we successfully shaped our organization, as well as our capabilities and solutions, and started expanding them – in order to secure our fitness for the future.”

Rejuvenating Barco’s culture

The past few years we focused on shaping Barco into a more proactive organization. This included bringing product portfolio, structure and product-market strategies in line with the refreshed business strategy.We also embarked on a culture journey to discover the unwritten rules on how our organization behaves. This defines the personality of Barco and how we execute our strategy. Out of many talks, discussions and workshops, we crystalized 5 culture building blocks that will solidify the way we live our strategic DNA :

  • We think with the customer
  • We team up to win, globally
  • We look for the better way
  • We own our results
  • We care, we grow

Read more on the implementation of these building blocks and our strategic progress and vision in the 2019 annual report.

Expanding our sustainability ambitions

Barco’s focus on sustainability has further evolved throughout 2019. With the introduction of the ecoscoring methodology – a comprehensive way to measure environmental impact – we highlight the products that have an exceptionally low environmental footprint. You can read more on this ‘Barco Eco Product label’ and our other steps towards more sustainable business in our sustainability report .

Browse through our microsite to discover the full financial results, read about our strategy and achievements, or navigate to the download center to download your copy.