16 окт. 2020 г.

Barco awarded as Belgian company with ‘Best Investor Relations’


For the 60th time this year, the BAFA/BVFA/ABAF (Belgian Association for Financial Analysts) has awarded the companies that excelled in informing and communicating with the financial analysts. It is with great proud that we announce that Barco was elected the company with the ‘Best Investor Relations’. We wish to congratulate the team behind this performance.

The BAFA/BVFA/ABAF was founded in 1958 and aims to be the center of expertise for the community of finance professionals in Belgium. By building a common knowledge base on financial analysis, reporting, valuation and communication, they want to raise the professional standards for investment professionals in those domains. They have been awarding companies and organizations with their ABAF awards for 60 years.

In 2017, Barco won the ‘Grand prize for Best Financial Communication’, which excluded us for this award for 3 years. This however did not stop us to come home with one of the 5 sub-awards. Noteworthy as well, is that we landed in the top 5 for 2 other sub-awards additionally, and received a ‘special mention’ for our Sustainability Report.

Fast access to relevant information

The prize for best investor relation lauds exceptionally well-informed and approachable IR teams. For financial analysts, it is crucial to have fast access to relevant information, and Barco has proven its worth in that matter over the past year. For this 2020 award, special attention was given to the communication and reactions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Also the fast publication of our financial half year results was very much appreciated by the financial community.

“We are truly delighted and really proud to bring this award home and being recognized as a top IR-team in Belgium”, says Carl Vanden Bussche, VP Investor Relations at Barco. “In a challenging year like 2020, I’d like to think it has even more value to us. I want to thank the many people at Barco involved in winning this award, which is a token of appreciation for good work and an incentive to keep the IR-truck running.”