23 мар. 2021 г.

Whether it is a language, a computer code or a technology, don’t be afraid to explore

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In light of International Women’s Day, we’d love to introduce you to some of our very own tech ladies. At Barco we encourage and inspire young women to shape their own future and consider a career in technology.

Inge Haesaerts grew up during the commercial rise of personal computers. Once she started getting school assignments, she quickly turned to her dad’s computer to write them, instead of doing so on paper. And she loved to try out all kinds of games – from putting together a car to playing with language. Even though exact sciences and the humanities are often seen as opposites, Inge has always found her liking in both. Driven by her analytical thinking, she has a passion to explore and understand the underlying structure of every aspect in life.

Exactly because of this, she always found a compromise between languages, science and math. At university, Inge eventually went for engineering. Because of her interest in human anatomy and biology, she later gladly seized the opportunity to integrate a medical aspect into her studies.

After graduation, she started working in a 3D printing company where she could keep combining her engineering background and interest in the medical world. After having lived in Malaysia for a while, Inge started working in Barco four years ago and is currently Product Manager for Healthcare Diagnostic Displays.

As the world of displays was a completely new world for her, she gradually got to know the field and now spots more and more new opportunities to grow further in the organization as time goes by. A such, she finds her energy and creativity in connecting with people and as a team bringing an idea to life. Her tip for young girls? Hands-on experience! If you don’t try, you won’t know.