13 дек. 2021 г.

Projector+. The little extras that make the difference

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Corporate or Rock-‘n-Roll. Small break-out rooms or impressive arenas. Lectures or music gigs. Live events come in different flavors. It’s an industry which calls for versatile solutions. To support creativity, efficiency and reliability in the most diverse setups, the Barco portfolio features a full suite of tools, peripherals and little extras. Strengthen your fleet with these six great projector peripherals for live events.

Motorized frames for easy stacking and hanging

Does the architecture of the customer’s venue require you to put the projectors up in the air? Or do you need more projectors to cover the entire canvas? Check Barco’s motorized rental frames which offer the rugged and flexible solution for stacking and hanging projectors.

The multifunctional frames are compatible with all commonly used truss clamps and have a single point mounting option. You can easily suspend your projectors on a truss in upright or upside-down position. Enabling seamlessly blended projections, framed projectors can be rotated around their x, y and z axis. And you can stack multiple projectors which is ideal for those multi-channel productions and 3D projection mappings.

To conclude, the optional motorization kit allows quick, safe and remote adjustments, via remote control or the local buttons, to perfect the image.

Distance meter & camera kit

The success of your projection depends on more than just the pixel quality of your projector. Finding the right combination of throw distance, screen size, aspect ratio and corresponding lens will help improve your visualization. Therefore, the UDX and UDM projectors have an optional easy-to-use combined distance meter and HD camera kit.

The distance meter can measure the distance from projector to screen canvas. The result is displayed on a small digital readout on the projector, but can also be consulted remotely via Ptoolset. Using this information allows you to position and install your projector in the best position versus the screen. And the integrated laser pointer helps to position the projector to the center of the screen.

The same kit also includes an HD camera which can be used to monitor the image remotely. Log-in via the Ptoolset or web application and get a quick live view of what your projection looks like, facilitating troubleshooting and monitoring.

Lenses to accommodate all configurations

Each project has its own requirements. Offering the ability to choose from a wide array of specialized high-quality glass lenses and best-in-class horizontal and vertical lens shifts, Barco’s projectors excel in versatility accommodating almost any configuration. Ultra-short or long throw, angled or straight – you can always find the lens you need to deliver superior visual events.

All the Barco lenses make for easy installation without compromises. The Barco angled 90° UST lens, for example, is uniquely designed to be used in combination with the rental frames without any blurred corners or hindrances on screen. Fit the equipment to the show, not the other way around.

Nice to know: when we launch a new projector for the rental market, it doesn’t mean you need to scrap your existing lens stock and invest in new lens gear. Our TLD lens range, with a wide variety of throw ratios, exist since 2010 and can be reused on the newer additions to the projector family. Allowing you to reap the benefits from your past investment again and again. And with the optional external shutter for UDM and UDX, you can protect the lenses from lasers, sun light and other external dangers, protecting the lifetime of your solution.

Use the Barco lens calculator, with built-in contrast check, to find the lens that matches your customers’ event requirements. Select the projector, screen size, brightness and projection distance and we’ll show the right lens to use.

Built-in fiber solutions for reliable video-over-IP distribution

Many of today’s events and installations use fiber cables to transmit signals, but often rely upon external fiber to video converters that lead to increased costs and adds points of failure. With native 4k60p processing, the Barco fiber solution is built to cover long distances with integrated video distribution eliminating the need for external fiber extenders and converter boxes. The fiber card uses proven robust broadcast standards supporting SMPTE 297M for Optical Fiber SDI. Plug this card in the projector to save money, get rid of redundant complexity and avoid signal drop-outs caused by weak components in the chain.

Projector Management Suite for optimized fleet management

Barco’s Projector Management Suite is an IoT solution to optimize your fleet management. The cloud-based storage of projectors’ usage data and light-source run-times cuts out time-consuming and error-prone manual administration in your fleet warehouses.

Through the real-time dashboards you can keep track of the operating and environmental conditions of the projectors, from wherever you are, for more effective device analysis and proactive troubleshooting. It means, you have all the information available for prompt remote assistance and maintenance before the projector even gets the chance to break down, saving that show you’ve been working on for months. What’s more, the data can easily be combined with your own tools and current processes by using the API.

Projector Management Suite helps you get the most out of your rental fleet while saving time and money.

Barco Projector Management Suite is based on a 3-level subscription model. Check out this page to see all the features and start your free 90-day trial.

External coolers for lower temperatures at the lowest noise level

Our UDM and UDX live event projectors have premium integrated laser cooling to prevent overheating. However, what if you are operating in extreme conditions like the desert? Or what if the projector is used in warm indoor environments that require the lowest noise levels such as auditoriums? That’s where our external cooler comes in.

The external coolers are separate cooling units which can be placed up to 24m away from the projector itself. You put them in a different room, or even on a different floor, so as not to hinder the on-site set-up and audience. As a result, the fans in the projector don’t need to work as hard to maintain a healthy operating temperature, reducing the noise with up to 5dB as fan speeds drop. We also offer a rigging frame that fits two external coolers for set-ups that call for truss installation.

The coolers also come in handy when working with devices in hush boxes or when installing multiple projectors in projection towers, which make it harder to remove the heat.

You can always find more information about the available accessories for your projector at the foot of its corresponding web product page.