25 апр. 2022 г.

Edition #2 of ‘Bright Insights’ is here!

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For the second edition of our company magazine 'Bright insights', we dived into the topic of sustainability in business.

Climate change is not considered a fable anymore, and the majority of the global population will agree that we need to take care of the delicate ecosystems that make our planet livable.

There is no doubt that businesses play a major part in making or breaking the worldwide targets that exist to contain global warming as much as possible. But with global problems generally comes major complexity, and discussions need to be held to find the right way.

What do we do for our planet at Barco? What could we do better? And what do other companies think?

We dedicated the second edition of our company magazine 'Bright Insights' to the topic of sustainability. Because we’re convinced that discussing it with our partners, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders is the best way forward to increase our efforts, and to balance business and sustainability.

Take a break, dive into 'Sustainable outcomes' and join the discussion!

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