19 мая 2022 г.

How Barco TruePix takes visual ergonomics in the control room to the next level (incl. eBook)


Control room operators have a visually demanding job and are often working long shifts monitoring video wall content. Fortunately, visual ergonomics is playing an increasingly vital role in control room design. Let’s discover how Barco’s TruePix direct-view LED technology manages to take video wall ergonomics to another level.

Truly Seamless viewing

The seams or mechanical gaps between multiple screens or panels of a video wall can be a major hinder, because critical content can easily get lost or misread behind the seams or bezels. Unlike with LCD and rear-projection, direct-view LED video walls have no screen gaps because the LED diodes can be spread over the entire tile, up to the edges.

However, it can still be difficult to perfectly align the different LED panels: the ground surface is never 100% flat and walls are never completely even. And with pixel pitches becoming smaller for LED video walls, a correct installation has become even more challenging.

How TruePix deals with this:

With the smart engineering system of TruePix, adjacent modules are automatically aligned without interrupting the diode pattern. TruePix also relies on the force of gravity and the principle of communicating vessels to absorb imperfect floor conditions or uneven walls. As a result, the LED wall is perfectly level and completely frictionless, and users benefit from a uniform image, with seams less than 0.1 mm.

High brightness and dimming

Direct-view LED provides plenty of brightness, with great contrast and increased viewing angles. This makes it an ideal solution for control rooms that allow daylight to come in. LED video walls can also be dimmed, which is critical for night-time operation or windowless control rooms. However, dimming should not result in reduced sharpness, legibility or color changes, because this could lead to operators making slower or even the wrong decisions.

How TruePix deals with this:

Barco’s TruePix video walls and Infinipix image processing platform incorporate patented driver algorithms which will preserve all true details of the image, even when the display system is dimmed to extreme values.

SteadyView technology eliminates patterns on the video wall that may cause eye fatigue. This is especially important with dimmed video walls and when staff needs to monitor content for multiple hours on end.

Reliable colors

Control room video walls need to show their colors with utmost accuracy, so they look the way they are meant to be. The challenge is to maintain a constant brightness and calibrated colors over the entire video wall over time. A color mismatch between different display modules may result in a checkerboard pattern of different colors and brightness levels.

How TruePix deals with this:

Barco’s image processing solution Infinipix tm makes sure the LED display shows the same color tone, color bit depth, grayscale and level of detail while operating in dimmed mode and at full brightness.

The color gamut of an LED display is limited by the characteristics of the individual LEDs. Barco’s Smart Calibration is a unique way to lift those boundaries and unlock the support of wide color gamuts (DCIP3 and REC2020). This results in deeper, more saturated hues without visual impact on uniformity in areas of the image that would otherwise fall outside of the available color space of the display.

Another way of guaranteeing uniform colors in 2022-the LED display is batch compatibility. During the LED manufacturing process, each individual LED is evaluated and grouped according to color wave length and brightness intensity. Barco stores sufficient batch-compatible spare parts to ensure that the LED modules can be replaced with components of the same production batch.

TruePix raises the bar for operator ergonomics

LED is a great match for your control room video wall. LED video walls are seamless, they offer high brightness under daylight conditions, and LED manufacturers have managed to reduce pixel pitches so that LED has become more suitable for a wider range of control room sizes.

But that’s only part of the story. With the introduction of Barco’s TruePix video wall platform, the bar has been raised even higher in terms of viewer ergonomics. TruePix offers reduced eye-fatigue features and perfect brightness control for day/night operations, making it the ideal video wall platform for 24/7 critical operations.