26 февр. 2024 г.

Empowering Hungarian radiologists with high performance and excellent image quality

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Over the coming weeks, we will be installing 95 state-of-the-art medical displays across 7 hospitals in Hungary. The displays will empower radiologists and medical professionals with excellent image quality and diagnostic precision. The project is the result of an excellent collaboration with our Hungarian partner Belux Csoport Kft.

The display lineup

The installation includes a mix of 3 display models:

  • 20 Coronis Uniti displays
    With Coronis Uniti, radiologists work with the biggest and most equipped display system that exists for general radiology and breast imaging.
  • 52 Coronis Fusion 6MP displays
    With its high resolution, enhanced brightness and color accuracy, Coronis Fusion 6MP is ideal for reading multi-modality cases.
  • 23 Coronis Fusion 4MP displays
    Coronis Fusion 4MP provides a seamless viewing experience, allowing radiologists to analyze medical images with utmost clarity.

An excellent collaboration

We are grateful for the collaboration with our partner Belux Csoport Kft, whose dedication and expertise made this entire project possible. Organizing many roadshows and on-site demos, they have played a vital part in making this project a success. Together, we are committed to advancing healthcare through innovation and collaboration.

Barco and Belux were also both present at the annual eRAD Partner Meeting in Budapest, Hungary, in January. We joined talks about enterprise imaging and the importance of high image quality, for an audience of more than 80 radiologists, radiographers and specialists, including department heads, university professors, clinic directors and company directors. Read a report of the day here.

Enhancing radiology with cutting-edge technology

As the new displays light up in Hungarian hospitals, we remain steadfast in our mission to deliver excellent image quality that empowers radiologists in their critical work.