D-Cine Premiere DP90

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О D-Cine Premiere DP90

The DP90 is a compact 2k digital cinema projector, based on the DLP Cinema™ technology of Texas Instruments. It meets or exceeds the SMPTE screen brightness standards - the modular power supply makes it perfectly possible to match the highest brightness requirements for every screen up to 15m (49ft)*.

The ‘lamp power redundancy’ system enables the DP90 to offer an extremely reliable projection solution. The DP90 includes a dual lamp power system: if one power supply should fail, operation is secured thanks to the redundant second module (2,2kW).

Next to the swappable lamp house, high-end monitoring and diagnostics proprietary logic, this key feature enables the ultimate goal: whatever happens, ‘The show must go on’.

Furthermore: the ability of the DP90 to flexibly slide the power to economy modes, allows the extention of the lamp lifetime up to 200%. This - together with its sealed engine and a costefficient design - results in a lower total cost of ownership, and a higher return on investment, turning the DP90 into an excellent choice for exhibitors and post-production studios with smaller screens.

The D-Cine Premiere DP90 can easily be integrated in the design of any theatre or post production studio. It consists of a projector and stand-alone lamp power supply, for convenient installation and operation.
Easy access is guaranteed by quick removable side panels, and several reference points at the top and bottom of the projector and the specially designed robust projection frame guarantee stable and easy ceiling-mount installations.

D-Cine Communicator software
All D-Cine Premiere projectors are fully compatible with Barco’s D-Cine Communicator, the industries’ most advanced projector control & diagnostics software, designed to answer the needs of both theatre owners and the post production community.

SNMP agent
Thanks to the SNMP agent feature - optional for both the DP100 and DP90 - total and constant monitoring of the internal projection system is guaranteed. The SNMP agent software allows for flexible integration in existing networks, and monitors every action that takes place within the D-Cine Premiere projector. The SNMP agent allows for proactive intervention and maintenance if necessary, by activating standard network management software packages, such as WhatsUp Professional / Gold from Ipswitch, SNMPc from Castle Rock, HP Open View from HP, ... .

* at 14 footlambert and screen gain of 1.8

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Технические характеристики


Технические характеристики


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