Coronis Uniti fuels teleradiology center of excellence

Birmingham, Alabama, US - 2017

When the time came for Women's Imaging Associates in Birmingham, Alabama to acquire new mammography displays, it sought the most advanced technologies to enhance diagnostic accuracy, improve reading efficiency, and promote working comfort. The winner? The Barco Coronis Uniti display system with the QAWeb quality assurance service.

Key benefits

  • Taller display height facilitates reading, reduces panning and zooming
  • Improves workflow efficiency, reading all related exams on one screen
  • QA/QC service helps institutions achieve compliance


Women’s Imaging Associates maintains a singular focus on breast imaging, which benefits clients and their patients. They pay a lot of attention to diagnostic confidence, image quality standards and guidelines, and they strive to provide tailored services and support throughout the patient care process. They are also committed to cutting-edge technology and topline equipment to meet these needs. 

The clinic, however, was also looking to improve its service and enable the outsourcing of breast image reading.


Barco’s solution combined the enhanced quality of Coronis Uniti medical displays with QAWeb online quality assurance. This allows for faster, more accurate studies drawing on color and grayscale images.


“Our customers have a higher comfort level with the Coronis Uniti when contemplating outsourcing mammography reading,” comments Caroline A. Reich, MD, PhD, President & CEO of Women’s Imaging Associates. 

Because the display presents both color and grayscale images, clinicians can view all exams at once – breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and tomosynthesis – instead of having to switch between monitors, boosting workflow efficiency. PACS Administrator Jamie Burgess also applauds the online QA service: “QAWeb highlights display issues that can’t be solved via the software’s self-healing capabilities.”

What’s more, they can outsource their breast image reading with even greater confidence and provide the utmost in personalized service.

The Coronis Uniti is a truly intuitive, ergonomic display that allows us to read more studies, faster, and with greater diagnostic accuracy.

Caroline A. Reich, MD, PhD

President & CEO, Women’s Imaging Associates

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