Heckler enables natural, equitable conversation in hybrid meetings

Check the video to see & hear how Heckler experts bring more meeting equity to showcase their solutions to customers in a hybrid environment.

At Heckler, sales demonstrate the Pro-AV product ranges to potential customers by using video meetings. Heckler wants to create a showroom experience for customers who are actually not present in the showroom. Customers should see every detail of the product and have a natural, equitable and diverse conversation with the sales person. By adding ClickShare Conference, they create an unique experience that brings products to customers and brings customers to Heckler.


More equitable, natural conversations with Heckler and ClickShare Conference

Whether full time WFH or full time at office or a hybrid, there will be more meetings, not fewer. ClickShare's unique way of combining all participants on an equal level of access, makes it the ideal platform for any type of interaction, and Heckler bridges that gap between the near and the far with sleek design that compliments the room, while letting the technology do its work out of sight.