Discover the F400-HR

It's coming. The world's first native 4K single-chip projector is approaching its final touches. Coupling power with extremely high resolutions and lightning-fast processing, the F400-HR is destined to shape the future of simulation. 

Key highlights:

  • Native 4K resolution @120-240Hz framerate for incredible image performance
  • Dynamic resolution way beyond 4K with built-in or external pixel-shift
  • Revolutionary high-speed laser light source for speckle-free, outstanding image quality
  • Rock-solid and fully rated for shock and vibration
  • Barco Pulse for common communication and user interface across all Barco projectors
  • Compatible with all current FLD type lenses

    Do you want to know more? Then check out the video below in which we lift a tip of the veil on this amazing new product!

Missed the first episode?

This is in fact the second video about the new F400-HR projector we release. In case you've missed the first episode, you can see it hereunder.