Medical display controllers where to buy?

Barco's medical display controller series takes performance, longevity and workflow support required for your PACS workstation to the next level. The boards support higher refresh rates and resolutions than their predecessors to ensure compatibility with evolving protocols and modality requirements. On top of that, their robust graphics processing engine will enhance your workflow with faster image loading.

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Barco's MXRT-x700 series

The MXRT-x700 series was released with long-term availability and lifetime in mind. Manufactured with robust hardware components and designed for optimal thermal control, the boards are ready for the challenges of a 24/7 extended use operation environment. A 5-year warranty and extended availability meets the needs of long-term equipment management and avoids frequent system reconfiguration. The display controller boards all support Barco's Intuitive Workflow Tools, which were developed to enhance the radiologist's productivity and ideal ergonomics. Paired with a Barco diagnostic display system, the boards guarantee the necessary performance and expected support for medical use.


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Barco intuitive workflow tools for medical displays: SpotView

Barco's clinical tools are powered by the MXRT display controllers. They are designed to improve radiologist productivity and accuracy.

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Home reading for radiologists

With our graphics box, equipped with MXRT board, you can drive any Barco medical display and access our clinical tools at home.

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