11 mar. 2024

The Barco-powered global art and technology phenomenon ARTE MUSEUM opens its doors in Dubai Mall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 11 - ARTE MUSEUM, the internationally acclaimed immersive digital art venue produced by the world-class Korean digital design company d’strict, has officially opened its doors for the first time in the Middle East, in the prime location of Dubai Mall.

ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI invites guests to immerse themselves in a space of 30,000 square feet, showcasing works inspired by nature in its breathtaking exhibition 'ETERNAL NATURE'. This exhibition incorporates both the natural landscapes and the cultural backdrop of the city as new media artworks. Each of the 14 zones of the exhibition immerses audiences in works of stunning beauty and powerful elements of nature. Blending the lines between reality, fantasy, and hyper-reality by using digital technology, viewers find themselves at the base of towering waterfalls and strolling beaches as they admire the aurora borealis. As their journey through the galleries progresses, audiences are surrounded by blooming camellia flowers, undulating waves, and bioluminescent animals in the jungle, as well as thundering pink clouds.

"It is with great pleasure that we unveil ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI. Our paramount mission is to transport our audience into an awe-inspiring digital realm, meticulously crafted to awaken all their senses," stated Sean Lee, the Chief Executive Officer of d’strict. ARTE MUSEUM's inaugural exhibition in the Middle East is going to become a must-visit experiential attraction for both tourists visiting Dubai and residents looking for cultural activities with their families."

In 2022, d’strict signed a framework agreement designating Barco as the sole supplier of all the projectors for the company’s upcoming international digital art museum projects in the next four years. The deal, with a total value projected to exceed 15 million euros, includes a hardware delivery of three-chip and single-chip DLP laser projectors, access to Barco’s Insights Management Suite for global fleet management and a tailored high-standard service offering which is streamlined for all geographies. This Dubai installation powered by forty-seven G62-W9 projectors and twenty-nine UDM-4K22s marks a significant milestone ARTE MUSEUM's expansion.


"Through our partnership with d'strict, we've cultivated a robust alliance rooted in mutual trust and innovation," expresses Ta Loong Gan, Executive Vice President Immersive Experiences at Barco. "Our commitment to providing superior technology and reliable service, coupled with d'strict's visionary approach ensures that ARTE MUSEUM offers a consistently breathtaking experience worldwide. Together, we ensure that every visitor, no matter where they are, can indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of digital art."

The holistic experience also includes accompanying scents crafted uniquely for each work and a soundscape created by Music Director Young-gyu Jang, a globally renowned composer with a stellar reputation for his award-winning work on the scores of more than 50 films and television shows including the critically acclaimed “Train to Busan” (2016) and “Mask Girl” (2023). Jang’s compositions are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly enhance the impact of each artwork. 

The combination of sensory creativity and various media technologies, such as projection mapping, multi-image control, and sensor-based interaction system, provides an experience full of ingenuity and delight, the uncanny and the familiar. It is a new form of art space where the space itself becomes a work of art.

"ARTE MUSEUM pushes the boundaries of innovation to the next level by blending art and technology into a unique digital canvas. Our objective is to trigger all the senses of our visitors to invite them into a uniquely immersive and lasting experience," said Jin Lee, Vice President at d'strict as well as the Creative Director of ARTE MUSEUM.

About d'strict

d'strict is a world-class Korean digital design company founded in 2004 that has dazzled global audiences with a variety of public media art such as “WAVE” in K-POP Square in Seoul in 2020 and “Whale #2” and “Waterfall-NYC” in Times Square in New York in 2021. d’strict has been recognized globally for its design capabilities, having won gold awards at the iF Design Awards for two consecutive years. In-house professionals of d’strict specializing in planning, visual/space/system design, software development and operations have contributed to a legacy of excellence in design, specializing in the field of media art exhibitions. Utilizing accumulated competencies in media art content production, permanent exhibition hall establishment and operations over the past decade, d’strict opened the first ARTE MUSEUM exhibition on Jeju Island in South Korea in 2020, and are now expanding the exhibition globally. d’strict continues to explore new businesses in design, such as media art content licensing platform LED.ART and artist collective a’strict.

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ARTE MUSEUM is an immersive media art exhibition space by d'strict. Breathtaking visuals, sensuous sounds, and elegant scents of the works unfolding in the exhibition space provide a spectacularly immersive experience.

First opened in Jeju in 2020, ARTE MUSEUM currently operates six locations globally, including three in South Korea (Jeju (2020–present), Yeosu (2021–present), Gangneung (2021–present)), and three internationally (ARTE M, a special showcase in Hong Kong (2022–present), Chengdu, China (2023–present), and Las Vegas (2023–present)). To date, ARTE MUSEUMs worldwide have cumulatively attracted over 6.2 million visitors. Following the opening of the ARTE MUSEUM DUBAI, d‘strict will continue its plan to open ARTE MUSEUM in approximately 20 major cities around the world by 2026, including Busan, Korea later this year, as well as New York City and Los Angeles, USA, in 2025.

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About Barco

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