Ramsay Health Care Hospital Group implemented best precision imaging technology by Barco

Jakarta, ID - 2017

“Image quality greatly impacts reading performance, so the addition of these devices means the images I’m reviewing are accurate, detailed and clear.” Dr. Sugianto Santoso, Radiologist, Ramsay Health Group, Premier Jatinegara Hospital.


• Nio Color 2MP (LED Single Head MDNC-2221)
• Nio 3MP (Grayscale Dual Head E3620MA)
• Nio 5MP (Grayscale LED Dual Head MDNG-5221)
• Coronis Fusion 4MP (MDCC-4330)


• Confident color reading
• On demand image quality checks
• Perfect reading for multiple modalities

Premier Jatinegara Hospital, a Jakarta-based Ramsay Group Hospital, has successfully installed both the Nio Color 2MP LED Single Head, as well as the Nio 5MP Dual Head which improves chest diagnostics for mammograms, and the Coronis Fusion 4MP which provides color differentiation for CTs and MRIs. 

Premier Jatinegara Hospital in Jakarta Indonesia has begun using Barco medical displays since March 2017. The hospital’s decision to digitize its medical imaging processes are a testament to their dedication to providing the best patient care. The Ramsay Hospital Group realizes that investing in quality, reliable technology allows doctors to focus their considerable efforts on the patients. 

As part of Ramsay Health Care Hospital Group, the Premier Jatinegara Hospital is the second hospital to adopt these medical imaging devices following Premier Bintaro Hospital. The purchase of a medical display is chosen independently by each hospital according to their specific needs, however, these decisions are heavily influenced by referrals from fellow hospitals. Knowing Premier Bintaro Hospital has chosen and satisfactorily implemented these Barco imaging devices helps develop a strong sense of trust and comfort in making additional purchasing decisions.  


Greater clarity, greater confidence


Premier Jatinegara Hospital chose to implement these high-end Barco imaging devices because they help provide a confident color reading, offer on demand image quality checks and are an excellent investment due to the reduced power consumption needed to run the machine, as well as the longer lasting LED backlight.


Superior Barco displays make difference at the hospital


Ramsay Hospital Group has chosen the best diagnostic and precision imaging by purchasing a number of cutting edge Barco radiology and mammography displays.


The Nio Color 2MP is a slightly different option, offering the same quality at a lower resolution of 1600 x 1200. They both provide the option for multiple modalities include 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, CAD, image fusion, nuclear medicine and PET. 

The specific function of these medical devices is to accurately and efficiently find diseases with the support superb clarity.

Mr. Wisnu

Radiographer Head, Ramsay Health Group, Premier Jatinegara Hospital

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