The Mystical Mountain: how our F90 projectors create an amazing theme park experience

Skegness, GB - 2018

Today’s theme park visitors want to be engaged, swept away and thrilled during their visits. To cater to that need, the UK-based Fantasy Island theme park refurbished its park in 2017. The main change is the park’s central indoor space, which experienced design firm Holovis – and our F90 projectors – transformed into a place that entices every park visitor, thanks to projection mapping. The star of the venue: the ‘Mystical Mountain’.

Barco solution

  • F90 projectors

Why Barco? 

  • Image quality
Razor-sharp images
The Mystical Mountain is a lovable character constructed on existing 12-meter high mountainous scenery. During the day, the audience observes the Mountain asleep, with butterflies sweeping past it and lizards inhabiting the lower rock. Twice a day, it wakes up in an awe-inspiring show.

Holovis produced the whole experience, from the story through to the deployment. They chose our F90 laser phosphor projectors to depict razor-sharp images, in spite of the challenging surface. “Due to the physical finish of the scenery, which resembles uneven mountainous terrain, the mountain is not an easy surface to project onto,” says Peter Cliff, creative director at Holovis. “The F90s are perfectly up to the job, depicting the images with a high level of detail, in highly saturated colors.”

Tangible ROI
The theme park management team is just as enthused by the result as Holovis is. “We wanted a new feature that would augment the visitor experience,” adds Mellors Group director Edward Mellors. “This dynamic visualization is something that many of our guests have never seen before, so they plan their day around attending the evening show. Moreover, this is a non-weather dependent feature. It has increased the spend per head and results in a tangible ROI benefit. And we can easily change the story to keep people keep coming back. In October, for example, the mountain got a scary makeover for Halloween.”
The F90s depict the images with a high level of detail, in highly saturated colors.

Peter Cliff

creative director at Holovis

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