Tim Burton’s protagonists brought to life in Madrid with Barco projection

Madrid, ES - 2023

“Tim Burton, Labyrinth” was inaugurated in September 2022, at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias in Madrid. This immersive exhibition, unique in the world, takes place in an authentic labyrinth where attendees are invited to discover Tim Burton’s eccentric world. The famous film director’s distinctive universe is recreated through carnivalesque statues of his characters and video projections of his extensive filmography, sketches and original works.

Barco solutions:

  • 27x G60-W7

Key benefits:

  • High-quality visuals that bring colorful characters to life
  • Compact design with reduced noise levels for smooth integration
  • Wide range of lenses to meet the needs of projection at narrow, short, and long distances

The “Tim Burton, Labyrinth” is a sample of the filmmaker’s unfettered creativity. Each visitor experience is unique, as each person gets to choose the door through which they want to enter to continue and build their own path through the labyrinth, thus having endless possibilities. Visitors will go through the gloomy yet magical forest of The Corpse Bride, meet the Tragic Toys, while trying not to lose their heads with the Queen of Hearts. The experience ends when a total of 15 rooms are completed through a sensory tour with surprises that leaves no one indifferent.

LETSGO, the producer of the exhibition, appointed Barco’s partner Fluge Audiovisuales to oversee the supply of lighting, video and sound equipment for this immersive experience. Among the AV materials are twenty-seven G60-W7 Barco laser projectors which set the tone in the different rooms with imaginative projections.

Explaining the choice for Barco projectors, Fernando Carabias, from Fluge Audiovisuales says: “We trust in Barco G60-W7 for its performance, its compact and reduced design, its noise reduction thanks to the single chip DLT technology and the versatility in its range of optics.”

The labyrinth set-up of the fifteen rooms brought with its own challenges. The G60 series’ compact size and short-throw lens capabilities are unique in the market. The projectors adopt lenses with different zoom ratios to meet the needs of projection at narrow, short, and long distances. 

The Barco projectors bring the gothic aesthetic to life with precise matching of the images to trigger the best immersive experience in every room.

We trust in Barco G60 for its performance, its compact design, and the versatility in its range of optics.

Fernando Carabias

Product Technical Manager, Fluge AV

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