18 dic. 2012

Barco customers proudly present The Hobbit in HFR 3D

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Last week’s release of Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’ must have been one of the most talked-about film premières of the past few months. Yet the talk is about more than the story itself. Most of the buzz around the film, in fact, stems from the fact that it was shot, and is being shown, in high frame rate (HFR), i.e. with a rate of 48 frames per second. Barco’s Series II projectors have been ready to display HFR images for over a year now. So our customers were all geared up for the long-awaited release on 12.12.12.


The transition went smoothly, at every Barco-equipped theater, and Barco is happy to welcome the first HFR 3D content, thus offering cinema-goers a truly immersive cinema experience. “HFR 3D is generally accepted for boosting image quality, yet we want to underline the fact that the frame rate is just one of the many parameters contributing to a good overall image quality on the screen. Brightness, contract, color and resolution are just as important. On top of that, Barco also offers its Auro 11.1 audio format, for example, to ensure a truly immersive cinema experience,” said Tim Sinnaeve, Market Director Digital Cinema at Barco.