19 feb. 2013

63rd Berlinale: the perfect showcase for Barco’s compact DP2K-10Sx projector

PROYECTOR 1 minutos leídos

After a ten-day roller coaster of screenings, press conferences, award ceremonies and parties, the curtain fell over the 63rd Berlinale last Sunday. As the film festival organization can look back on a successful event - a total of some 300,000 tickets were sold –, Barco is happy too: all its projectors used for the screenings did a great job. Not in the least the new compact DP2K-10Sx projector that was set up at the Berlinale`s small cinema theaters.


Specifically designed with small theaters and arthouse cinemas in mind, the DP2K-10Sx projector perfectly combines compactness, ease-of-use, scalability and cost-effectiveness with good image quality. “Most quality projectors are too big to install in smaller cinemas,” said Ove Sander, Technical Manager Digital Cinema for the Berlinale. “Barco’s DP2K-10Sx, however, is a perfect fit.”

The Berlinale welcomed the new projector for use as part of its popular ‘Berlinale goes Kiez’ initiative ‒ bringing the Berlinale films to arthouse cinemas in different neighborhoods. “By installing this new projector in smaller theaters, we were able to digitally project about 90% of the Berlinale films this year, compared to 75% in 2012,” Ove Sander added.