20 mar. 2014

Our 4K cinema projectors can now deliver 4K 3D and 4K at 60 fps thanks to the unique Barco Alchemy technology


Today, Barco introduced a groundbreaking update for its market-leading digital cinema projector families that will make them more powerful than ever. Named ‘Barco Alchemy’, this new generation of integrated and future-proof projectors combines media server functionalities with cinema processing electronics to bring more simplicity and reliability in the projection booth. The powerful 4K Barco Alchemy projectors are the first to show 4K movies at 60 frames per second and 4K 3D content on a single projector.

By fusing media server functionalities with the projector’s cinema processing electronics, Barco is once again delivering future-proof modularity at unparalleled levels while offering a low total cost of ownership. What's more, thanks to the renowned modularity of the Barco digital cinema projectors, customers who already own a Barco Series 2 projector can easily upgrade it to benefit from the revolutionary Barco Alchemy technology too. 

Easy operation
The Barco Alchemy projectors have been designed to greatly increase the level of operational efficiency. They come with intuitive 'Barco Web Commander' user interface that seamlessly blends projector control with a full-fledged screen management system, readily available on the projector without any additional software installation. In this way, shows can be created and scheduled remotely.

Continued innovation
“We’ve delivered on the promise of modular and future-proof solutions with many benefits for our customers over the years. The introduction of the Barco Alchemy technology continues to deliver on this promise,” comments Todd Hoddick, VP Digital Cinema at Barco. “As the global projection market share leader in the digital cinema industry, we have a responsibility to continue innovating for our current installation base and we are excited to be launching more groundbreaking projection technology that enables 4K 3D and 4K at 60 fps. While many told us this was not even possible, we are launching the technology not just for new Xenon and laser projectors, but this technology is fully available as an upgrade to all existing Barco Series 2 projectors.”

Unique benefits of the Barco Alchemy projectors

  • Integrated projectors that combine media server functionalities with cinema processing electronics into a single projector module with on-board storage
  • Fewer boxes lead to increased reliability and ease-of-use
  • Simple operation thanks to intuitive ‘Barco Web Commander’ SMS
  • A single 4K projector can show 4K movies at 60 fps and 4K 3D content 
  • Easy upgrading of Series 2 projectors with Barco Alchemy module

Discover Barco Alchemy at CinemaCon
Barco will be showcasing the Barco Alchemy technology together with its new CinemaBarco theater-wide entertainment concept at CinemaCon 2014. Discover Barco’s new vision during the CinemaCon demonstration sessions from 25 - 27 March, at the Cinemark Century 16 South Point and XD theater in Las Vegas (USA). And visit Barco’s booth #2313A at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas from 25 - 27 March.