3 ago. 2015

InfoComm Webinar: How to Design for 4K

1 minutos leídos

Barco’s own Image Processing Product Manager Erik Iversen shares his insights on “How to Design for 4K” during a free InfoComm International® webinar on August 12 at 1:00pm EDT/6:00pm BST.

As you begin to grapple with video system parameters that go beyond HDTV – larger screens, higher resolutions, wider color gamut and dynamic range – how do you make the right choices for your customers? For example, how do you determine which frame rate or color depth works best for an application? Learn from Erik and other industry experts how to navigate the issues and make the most of 4K video design opportunities.

What you’ll learn
  • The elements of native and compressed 4K signals
  • Display and projector requirements for 4K, plus the challenges associated with end-to-end signal transmission
  • The design elements of compressed and uncompressed 4K video applications, including use cases
  • Future trends in 4K video, including the latest advancements in processors and video over IP

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