6 nov. 2017

Antycip Simulation highlights the power of its simulation and VR expertise at its first regional demo center in Italy

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Simulation, visualization and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions are growing in a range of disciplines. That is great news for Antycip Simulation, which has been a contributor in this space for over 20 years. To show its customers how immersive solutions can really add value to their operations, the simulation expert just opened its first Regional Demo Center near Milan (Italy). The center is stuffed with Barco projectors (1 x F70, 5x F50 and 3x F22) that highlight the power of true immersion.

Reinforcing ties with clients
Antycip is the European leader for simulation software and a Barco Gold partner since 2013. While its main focus was on delivering simulation solutions for defense applications in the past, the company is now experiencing a rapid uptake of VR in design, academic and engineering sectors too. By bundling its wide simulation, visualization, training and virtual reality expertise under one roof, Antycip will now be able to work more closely together with customers to explore how simulation can help them change their business.

“Customers can now visit the site for demonstrations, training, testing and reviews in ways that were not possible in the past, enabling us to be an even better partner to them,” said Riccardo Rovelli, Regional Manager DACH & Italy for Antycip Simulation at the opening of the new Demo Center.

Strong Barco presence
Barco was delighted to play a main role in setting up the Center. The Italian simulation and VR hub is equipped with three large display stations, featuring flat, curved and spherical screens. Barco F70, F50 and F22 projectors are used to demonstrate applications, ranging from classroom style training, VR caves for design to flight simulators. In addition, Antycip demonstrates its broad portfolio of software solutions for simulation, analysis and digital rendering – all underpinned by its renowned expertise in this specialized field.

Michel Pronier, Antycip’s CEO, praised the cooperation with Barco: “The Demo Centre is the culmination of our long history of working together on a broad range of projects all over the world. It underpins our commitment to meeting customer needs and requirements.”

Antycip has plans to open more demo centers around Europe.