2 sept. 2019

How to use moderation in your ClickShare meetings?

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With wireless collaboration solutions you share content swiftly and intuitively on the meeting room screen. To help you keep control and raise the level of meeting engagement an advanced set of interactivity features is at your fingertips.

Moderation is one of the features that keeps the focus on the purpose and helps to guide discussions and decision-making processes in meetings. ClickShare adds energy to meetings and leads the way to more innovative methods of collaboration by offering moderation on the CSE-800 models.

What is the moderation functionality?

Moderation enables you, as moderator of larger meetings or conferences, to control and select what is being shared on the meeting room display(s). Stay in control, help to keep the focus on the meeting topics and enjoy efficient meetings. You get a preview on your laptop of all the input sources connected to the Base Unit and you can decide how the inputs are shown on up to two separate meeting room displays. You can share up to 8 inputs.

Possible inputs are content from other presenters shared via Button or App, or streamed via Airplay and Google Cast, legacy equipment via HDMI (video camera, ...). 

Moderation can be initiated from either laptop or mobile devices (via the ClickShare Mobile App).

What are the unique features of moderation?
  • Easy and direct interaction between user and content
  • Intuitive experience
  • Makes multitasking in meetings possible
  • Clear control of content and discussions
  • Assistive technology
Why use moderation in your meetings?
  • You can start to guide efficient discussions and provide relevant content real-time
  • Collaborate more interactive and creatively
  • Get higher engagement from the participants
  • Improve meeting outcomes and increase ROI of meetings
  • Technical limitations of the room are not hindering the flow of the presentation or meeting
Can I use moderation with my current ClickShare units?

These ClickShare units offer moderation:

  • CSE-800
  • There is also an API available to control the HDMI inputs on the CSE-200+ and the CSE-800. This API is currently available in the Crestron module for ClickShare, Extron and AMX modules are coming soon.

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