9 sept. 2019

How to easily pair a ClickShare Button?

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A wireless collaboration solution like ClickShare helps you to seamlessly and instantly share content in a meeting room and enhances collaboration in any room of the enterprise. To keep the high standard of performance of our meeting technology, it is of the utmost importance to keep your units up-to-date.

ClickShare has regular free updates and several tools at your disposal to help maintain the quality and security of your meeting collaboration hardware. Let’s start with the ClickShare Button.

What is pairing of a ClickShare Button?

Pairing is a security feature to ensure that your Button will only work with a specific Base Unit and keep it up-to-date.

Why pair a ClickShare Button?
  • Pairing needs to be done before a Button can actually be used to share content (upon the first use or after a factory reset)
  • Synch with the correct Base Unit
  • Get the latest Button firmware installed on the Button
  • Constantly improve the sharing experience and enjoy product enhancements
  • Keep updated with the latest security measurements
  • Ensure the best connectivity and Wi-Fi stability

More info on Button setup

How to pair ClickShare Buttons?

ClickShare Buttons can be paired in two ways:

  • Manually using the Base Unit
  • Using the ClickShare Button Manager software. (Windows Only)
Manual pairing using the Base Unit
  1. Insert the Button in the USB port at the front of the Base Unit you are using
    After a while, both the LEDs of the Button and the LEDs of the Base Unit will blink white.This means pairing is in progress.
  2. Wait until the LEDs stop flashing and are a constant white or red
    When the LEDs are static white, the Button is paired to the Base Unit and no software has been updated.
    When the LEDs are static red, the Button is paired to the Base Unit and the software update has finished.
  3. Unplug the Button
    When using an USB-C Button, you need a converter USB-A to USB-C to pair with the Base Unit.
Pairing using the ClickShare Button Manager software

The ClickShare Button Manager is a stand-alone software application to remotely pair ClickShare Buttons to a ClickShare Base Unit, without physical access to the device. It is compatible with the CS-100, CS-100 Huddle, CSE-200, CSE-200+ and CSE-800 from firmware version 1.6 onwards (remote pairing needs to be enabled on the Base Unit).

The Button Manager Software is used most often...

  • When the Base Unit is not accessible eg it is hidden behind the meeting room screen or mounted onto a projector hanging on the meeting room ceiling
  • In hotels or conference centers that rent out meetings and want to safeguard the ClickShare Buttons at the reception desk
  • For large rollouts so IT managers can efficiently pair up to 4 Buttons at once to any Base Unit connected to the network, instead of running from meeting room to meeting room for updates
  1. Download and install the Button Manager software on your Windows computer (button)
    Download here
  2. Open the Button Manager software
  3. Plug the Button into the USB port of your laptop
    The Button icon will now mention the S/N of your Button.
  4. Click Select below the Base Unit icon
  5. Enter the IP address or hostname of the Base Unit you want to connect to.
  6. Enter the remote button pairing password
Can I pair any Button to any Base Unit?

You can only pair the Buttons with these article numbers (R-numbers) to these Base Units.

Where can I download the Button Manager?