14 ene. 2021

First A+ eco product label for a Barco medical display system


The new Nio Fusion 12MP received an A+ Eco Product Label, illustrating that Barco continues constructively on the sustainability path in its products’ development. In addition to further improvements in display power efficiency, the decisive aspects for the display’s score are its compact and stackable packaging and regionally adapted contents, lowering the product’s carbon footprint and waste.


The Nio Fusion 12MP has a low off-mode power consumption, and an efficient power supply. The power management function is enabled by default. Additionally, Barco offers the longest warranty in the field: five years or 40,000 hours of backlight at the full calibrated luminance.

Material use

We strive to avoid using materials that are harmful to people and nature. Therefore, only halogen-free materials are used throughout.

We strive to incorporate learnings from previous medical devices, such as the Coronis Fusion 6MP which received an A ecoscore, and then add further improvements as found in the Nio Fusion 12MP. Our focus on unboxing experience and reducing discarded components was a large effort but produced a result that each customer actually feels.
Albert Xthona - Product manager of diagnostic displays at Barco

Packaging and logistics

Packaging has been stripped of all redundant power cables and has also been optimized for logistics and transport. Each package’s content is adapted to the destination region, reducing carbon footprint and waste. Packaging materials are also easy to separate, which contributes to cleaner recycling streams.

End-of-life optimization

Last but not least, efforts have been made to maximize the Nio Fusion 12MP’s lifetime, thanks to a service and repair model. The industrial design of the product itself improves ease of disassembly, and large plastic parts are not painted. These two measures enhance recycling, contributing to an environment-friendly end-of-life for each Nio Fusion 12MP display.

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