29 mar. 2021

Why you get 5 years of SmartCare included in every ClickShare Conference purchase?


You spent a lot of your time in hybrid meetings, so you need to be able to truly rely on the meeting tech present in your conference and meeting rooms. You certainly don’t want to waste time with connection issues, cable or settings troubles, bad audio or video quality.

Since we want you to be just as sure as we are of the efficiency, ease-of-use and performance of our ClickShare wireless collaboration solutions, we’ve added 5 years of warranty as a standard component included in every ClickShare Conference purchase. So, you, as our VIP customer, are always assured that our solution is indeed the most reliable in the market and the best investment you can make to increase productivity in your hybrid meetings.

  • ClickShare has regular free software updates and several tools (like a self-help e-portal) at your disposal to help maintain the quality and security of your meeting collaboration hardware.
  • 5 years of SmartCare services package guarantees you extra piece of mind in case of issues. We offer faster response time, express shipment of units and expert care.
  • Adding to that, it’s also your gateway to useful analytics and insights to help you maintain & manage your fleet and drive your digital workplace via our XMS Cloud management platform.
What’s included in your SmartCare for ClickShare service package?


For those rare occasions when you encounter issues with our wireless collaboration solutions, we have launched SmartCare for ClickShare. This service package provides your company with budget predictability, swift hardware replacement and expert support from both Barco and our partners for up to 5 years.

The SmartCare package is included in the purchase of each ClickShare Conference unit to maximize your efficiency and ROI thanks to connected services. You can activate and unlock the 5 years of the SmartCare coverage by registering your ClickShare Conference devices in the XMS Cloud platform at any time within 6 months of your purchase. You can access the XMS Cloud via the device’s web configurator. If the SmartCare package is not activated, a standard warranty of 1 year will apply.

It includes:

  • 5 year hardware coverage & free software updates
  • 5 year analytics and insights subscription via XMS Cloud
    • Access, update, configure & troubleshoot your install base centrally & remotely
    • Insight & analytics capabilities
  • Increased service levels
    • Access to the online knowledge base
    • First responses from our helpdesk teams
    • Priority access to experienced product specialists via a Barco authorised partner
    • Advanced swap via a Barco authorized partner
    • Express shipments to get replacement hardware on-site faster via a Barco authorized partner

To conclude, the benefits of your service packages are

  • A guaranteed best user experience throughout your product’s lifetime
  • Peace of mind in case of a defect, reduce downtime
  • Faster, longer and better support from our teams
  • Carefree hardware coverage
  • Safeguard your investment at predictable cost
  • Analytics to optimize your purchase and technology stack even further

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