6 oct. 2021

Get your boardroom C-level ready with a video wall


Although the looks and the purpose of corporate boardrooms vary from one company to another, there are quite some similarities. It is generally the most luxurious meeting room in the building, with the needed fancy furniture – and ditto technology. The central screen is generally larger than that of other meeting rooms, which poses specific requirements to the display type. But which professional video wall technology would best suite your corporate boardroom?

The boardroom is, in many cases, the room that features the highest density of state-of-the-art meeting equipment in the company. Generally used by higher management, key customers and VIP visitors, all technology that facilitates presenting and decision-making is available there – including a large screen that has the capacity to show PowerPoint presentations, videos and/or numbers, all simultaneously, without any hiccups. And of course, next to the functional element, there is also the wow-factor you want to bring into the office space. After all, impressing the special audience is another goal of your boardroom.

In recent years, the importance of remote working has increased. This was further fueled by the covid-19 pandemic, during which live meetings were often an exception. This also changed the requirements of the boardroom infrastructure, emphasizing the importance of video conferencing equipment. This includes cameras, microphones and a speaker system, but also an even larger central screen, which enables to show both the content shared and the remote participants.

Projection: the traditional solution

G50 Barco projectors

Traditionally, the need for a large display canvas was automatically filled by a projection system. This was the easiest way to provide a large canvas that was clearly visible from any location in the room. Barco was a pioneer in corporate projectors. In France, for example, ‘un Barco’ was used as a synonym for a projector – much like ‘a Xerox’ means a photocopier.

Even though there are specific challenges in boardrooms for which projection can be a good and friendly solution, sometimes there are better options – if budget allows – like LCD or LED.

A single LCD or a video wall

Another contender for the boardroom visualization spot is LCD. This can be either a large single display or a tiled video wall. Most of the largest LCD screens available on the market today are between 98” and 110”. Although genuinely huge for use in a living room, this is still not the comfortably large size that organizations look at for their boardroom.

Barco UniSee II image main campaign visual lcd video wall walls transparent
Barco UniSee

tiled LCD video wall on its part, consists of multiple near-seamless Full HD screens installed next to and on top of each other to become a single large canvas. This has the advantage of modularity: by simply adding extra panels you can build a video wall that answers your size needs and also requires little real estate space. In tiled LCDs, however, there are visible seams between the different panels. When displaying text and/or numbers, these black lines interrupt the viewing experience, making the content harder to read. Ideally for budget friendly board rooms, LCD video walls are the best suitable alternative. In light of this, Barco UniSee is the best option on the market to benefit from a bezel-less LCD video wall viewing experience, which is also easy to install and maintain.

LED video walls - the professional alternative

Direct view LED is an ideal technology for dynamic and color-rich content, which is why it is becoming increasingly more popular for use in boardrooms. Such a video wall consist of multiple LED tiles put tightly together to form one uninterrupted, truly seamless, large canvas. This completely modular setup makes LED video walls very flexible and adaptable to any environment. With pixel pitches (the distance between the individual pixels on the panel) available as low as 0.9 mm, they can now also be used in boardrooms – allowing close viewing distances. These solutions were designed for professional use, and often come with features that ensure business continuity – like redundancy of critical components.

LED video wall TruePix perspective left with chess content

Barco LED TruePix series

When combined with a potent image processor, also the content can be arranged in an optimal way and image quality is assured in all circumstances. Barco’s exclusive Infinipix® image processor, for example, enables dimming without any loss of detail – a must in boardrooms. Changes in the market has brought these solutions within the range of all organizations. So, when you are looking into revamping your boardroom, make sure to consider this technology.

Barco covers all boardroom video wall needs. Discover more on our dedicated corporate visualization site, or request more info.