25 nov. 2021

Is your workplace ready for hybrid working?


Hybrid working has finally taken off in 2021. Your workforce is ready for it. But is your workplace ready too? Our test will tell you.

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Hybrid work means that there is a healthy mix of office-based and remote work, an engaged collaboration between colleagues, departments, sites, and external contributors. Research shows that for many of us the ideal workweek has one or two days of home office.

Embracing a hybrid workplace means that you are investing in your colleagues’ well-being and safety and indirectly improving the focus, productivity and efficiency of the collaboration in your business.

How about your organization? Is it ready for a hybrid future?

The big question for organizations is what to do next. Getting your workplace tech and policies in order will be crucial for making the hybrid workplace succeed. While some companies have made efforts to embrace hybrid working and hybrid meeting, many remain underprepared. In a recent Barco study with 900 companies, 50% of workplaces proved to be ready to implement a hybrid workplace in the next 12 months.Take our 5-minute test to discover the missing parts of your hybrid working strategy. When completed, you will receive a personalized guide to prepare your workplace for a hybrid future.