6 dic. 2021

Checklist: 6 steps towards the hybrid workplace


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Flexibility and hybrid work will define the workplace of the future. Employees want control of where, when, and how they work, and they expect their employer to provide options.

That’s why business leaders have some important decisions to make around hybrid work and hybrid meeting in the coming months.

Can we make hybrid work succeed? And can we enable people in and out of the office to work together as efficiently and productively as possible?

Take a look at this checklist and discover 6 important steps to build the perfect hybrid workplace.


Step 1

Build a strong foundation with company policies

Based on the needs of your employees, you need to develop policies for remote and home office. It’s time for a change of mindset.

Step 2

Provide the home office basics for increased productivity

Remote workers need quality hardware and software. Think of laptops, monitors, ergonomic keyboard and mouse, webcam, printer, headphones and a decent internet connection.

Step 3

Make sure people can collaborate efficiently

An efficient hybrid workplace means that in-office meeting rooms are equipped with the right technology, but also that remote workers have the tools they need to collaborate efficiently.

Step 4

Offer access to company data from wherever employees want to work

Employees need fast and secure access to the appropriate company data from wherever they want to work.

Step 5

Amp up your security

Work out a zero-trust model to overcome the risk of cybersecurity threats.

Step 6

Optimize your workplace based on insights

Make sure your facility is used as efficiently as possible in the complex mix of in-office and remote workers.