23 may. 2023

3 ways to increase the overall sustainability performance of your control room

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As industries continue to prioritize sustainability, it is essential to look at all factors and also optimize the eco-performance of their control rooms. By implementing sustainable practices in control rooms, organizations can reduce their overall environmental impact, save on costs, and ensure a more sustainable future. In this blog, we will explore the top 3 ways to increase the sustainability performance of your control room.

#1. Implement energy-efficient equipment 

A first step to take towards a better sustainability performance of a control room, is to use energy-efficient equipment.  It is easy to implement, extremely effective, and also very cost-efficient. The reduction of energy costs will be clearly visible on the bill, making sure the investment pays for itself within a few years.  

This includes the non-control room-specific devices such as lighting and HVAC systems, which are in many cases the same as the rest of the organization. By using occupancy sensors, you can ensure that lights are only on when the room is in use, reducing energy consumption. Timers can ensure that lights are turned off when not needed, further reducing energy consumption.

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Secondly, there is the control room-specific equipment, including monitors, video wall, servers, decoders, etc. Also here, there is a big difference between various types of equipment. It’s best to check and compare the energy consumption of all devices upfront. Sometimes, this compensates for a higher initial purchase price soon!

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Some devices, like video walls, can be put into an active standby mode. This means that they are hibernating but are ready to become operational in an instant. This can save a lot of energy, but also varies highly from equipment to equipment. For example: traditional LED video walls still consume quite a lot of energy when in standby mode (typically 45% of the maximum brightness consumption). Barco Truepix reduces that power consumption with up to 95% when in EcoPower standby!

#2. Use renewable energy sources 

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Using renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, is an excellent way to further optimize the sustainability of your organization. By using renewable energy sources, you can reduce your organization's reliance on fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint. In many countries, investments in renewable energy are supported by the government, making it additionally attractive!

#3. Always keep the full picture in mind

There is more to sustainable performance than only energy consumption. You should also consider the upgradeability of the products, the use of recycled and/or recyclable materials, etc. to evaluate the final footprint of your control room equipment. And let’s not forget the packaging used for shipping the products!

To fully evaluate the environmental impact of our products, Barco has created the ecoscoring methodology, a clear and straightforward way to calculate the footprint of our products. This scale takes the full spectrum of sustainable performance into account, so a product that scores an A-rating is really a top-performer when it comes to sustainability!

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Of course, Barco is not alone in its aspirations to make control rooms more sustainable. Several Barco partners, like Vogel’s (renowned for their video wall mounting solutions), also work hard to help further minimize your control room's carbon footprint. 

“As a market leader in AV equipment accessories, at Vogel's, we feel a responsibility to produce our products in a more responsible manner. We believe that reducing our footprint does not compromise our quality standards or the design of our products. On the contrary, we challenge ourselves to improve those aspects as well. Making our current CO2 footprint transparent and subsequently reducing it is an ongoing process involving various departments,“ says Wim Arts from Vogel's Products BV. “An example: for our latest product lines we have developed fully recyclable packaging in which we use 95% less single-use plastics, and all EPS (Styrofoam) has been replaced by paper pulp.”

For our latest product lines we have developed fully recyclable packaging in which we use 95% less single-use plastics, and all EPS (Styrofoam) has been replaced by paper pulp.

Wim Arts

Strategic Alliances and Video Wall Specialist at Vogel's Products BV

Do you want to know more about Barco’s sustainability strategy? Then read all about it on our website!