2 may. 2024

FASTER – Streamlining your event setup with the Encore3

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In the fast-paced world of live events, every second counts. That's why efficiency and speed are paramount when it comes to setup and execution. With our next-gen Event Master, we go for behind-the-scenes efficiency. Let's dive into how you can make your event productions and operations more streamlined than ever before with an Encore3 system

Simplified setup  

The Encore3 is built with 2024 technology enabling straightforward setup both in hardware and software. It reduces the manual actions in the system setup, pre-configuration and resource management, thanks to its intuitive interface, assisted workflows and simulated programming features.  

Say goodbye to late hours spent tinkering with settings—now, you can get your show configured in record time, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: delivering an unforgettable experience for your customer and their audience. 


Effortless integration  

Whether you're working with projection, LCD, or LED screens, the Encore3 has you covered, ensuring smooth operation across the board. And with multiple external APIs, the Encore3 seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, reducing the need for peripheral equipment and minimizing complexity and costs.  

And having a well-known user interface, you quickly learn the ins and outs of the system.  


Enhanced control  

In the world of live events, control is key. That's why the Encore3 comes equipped with an onboard programmable web widget panel, allowing for easy (remote) show control at your fingertips. In combination with the Event Master controllers, you’ll get full situational awareness and integrated show control features to execute your vision with precision and confidence, every time. 



Streamline your event setup, eliminate unnecessary hassle, and unlock new levels of efficiency with the Encore3 screen management system. 

Stay tuned for our final blog post, where we'll explore how the Encore3 delivers a stronger user experience, backed by decades of development expertise. 


Interested in an Encore3 demo and deep-dive presentation? Check the webinar on our YouTube channel