13 mar. 2024

Turn your 22K into a 30K projector.

PRODUCT LAUNCH 1 minutos leídos

With over 1000 units installed in the field; you could say the UDM is our battle-proven 3-DLP 4K laser projection platform for medium brightness applications. The award-winning flagship series, termed by customers as ‘the full package’, brings dazzling color performances in a roadworthy yet compact design.

And today you can get even more out of your existing UDM fleet. Upgrade your UDM to the lumens level of a UDM-4K/W30 thanks to the new brightness upgrade path to increase the flexibility of your devices.

In addition to a new 30.000 lumens laser light source, the refurbished UDMs will get optical upgrades and a full system update covering the latest software releases. The devices are also supported with an extra year of warranty.

It’s a unique opportunity to maximize the return on your original investment!

Reach out or contact your local Barco representative for all details on order intake and eligibility.