HD AV-to-IP adapter for the OR and hybrid OR

  • IP-to-AV conversion
  • 2 x FHD resolution
  • Medical-grade
  • Established 3rd generation technology

Acerca de MNA-420 DEC HDMI

Adapter for the operating room 

The MNA-420 DEC HDMI converts uncompressed IP video streams to HDMI 1.4 video. Other non-video signals such as audio and USB for keyboard/mouse are also supported. End-to-end video latency is amazingly low and is guaranteed not to exceed a single frame. 


The MNA-420 adapters are part of Barco’s Nexxis solution, which provides users with uncompromised networked visualization for the digital operating room. The compact Nexxis AV-to-IP adapters offer simplicity and flexibility while maintaining the highest possible performance standards and fitness for use in demanding medical environments.  

As a third generation device, the MNA-420 DEC HDMI provides the full richness of the established Nexxis platform while:

  • increasing future scalability
  • improving ease of installation
  • adding increased security performance
  • reducing ecological footprint


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