21,000 lumens, WUXGA, 3-chip DLP large venue projector

  • Lightest 22K laser projector in the market
  • High residual value thanks to rugged design 
  • Remote fleet management and connectivity with Barco Insights 
  • Unified Pulse electronics with Single Step Processing

Acerca de UDM-W22

While the compact and light-weight design of the UDM-W22 saves you lots of installation time and reduces shipping and labor costs, it never compromises on the quality or brightness of your projection. The UDM-W22 features WUXGA resolution and 21,000 lumens light output to deliver impactful experiences with mind-blowing colors. The UDM projector offers the widest color spectrum for 22K laser phosphor projection on the market outperforming the Rec. 709 color space.

Operational efficiency

Lift your creativity to unprecedented levels with the widest lens shift on the market and an extensive list of other peripherals which will facilitate a smooth installation and integration of the projector in your setup. Barco’s unique FLEX2 feature allows you to tune and lock the brightness level or resolution for a specific show. The modular design supports fast maintenance and easy serviceability in the field.

Pulse Electronics

With the Barco Pulse proprietary Single Step Processing technology warping, scaling and 4K UHD processing is done in only one step. The result? Razor-sharp images, market leading lowest latency, and less dark time than comparable solutions.


The Insights Dashboard and remote log file access enables faster and more effective troubleshooting. Manage the brightness settings of your projector fleet and keep track of operating conditions anywhere and anytime through a secured cloud-based platform and integrated 3G connectivity.

Long lifetime

Thanks to its robustness and the smart material choices, you can trust UDM to withstand the endurances of life on the road. With the laser phosphor light source, lamp-related costs and maintenance as well as image flicker, belong to the past. Barco’s outstanding integrated laser cooling prevents overheating and the Constant Light Output functionality guarantees constant brightness and color across the projector's lifetime.

  • este es un proyector de tres chips DLP
  • Proyección láser-fósforo
  • Resolución WUXGA
  • la emisión lumínica de un proyector o luz, medida en lúmenes
  • Constant Light Output (CLO)
  • objetivos reutilizables de otros productos
  • Procesamiento Barco Pulse
  • diseñado para resistir las condiciones más exigentes
  • sistema compacto
  • Funcionamiento ininterrumpido
  • Conforme a HDBaseT
  • corrección geométrica de imágenes automática en superficies curvas
  • combinación


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