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Avocor Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

It is time to upgrade the meeting space

As we move to a hybrid environment, with remote and in-person participants collaborating simultaneously, we need to rethink how meeting spaces look so that all participants have an equal presence.

Avocor's collaboration displays seamlessly integrate with Barco's ClickShare Conference. Working together they improve the collaboration and ideation experience, ensuring that whatever time is spent in meetings in the office is effective and productive.

In the spotlight

L Series

With the emerging ultrawide (21:9) display solutions, Avocor has yet again taken the lead in the market to bring innovation to the modern workplace. By combining the Barco CX50 gen 2 with an Avocor Ultra-wide L Series display, the meeting experience becomes refreshingly simple. The 105” display has been designed to maximize engagement and promote inclusive collaboration. Its 21:9 aspect ratio provides ample space to showcase content, remote attendees, and a dedicated chat area - or as Microsoft calls it, "the meeting within the meeting". 

E & G Series

The Avocor E & G Series interactive displays are the perfect match for Barco ClickShare devices. Whether it is a Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) setup in standard or ultrawide screen aspect ratio, or in combination with an MTR solution, the Avocor and Barco CX50 Gen 2 combination enables intuitive collaboration, easy to use and reliable interactive content.

Periféricos validados

Dispositivo Firmware de
Firmware de
ClickShare Conference
Área de
Tipo Interoperabilidad
AVE-xx30/AVE-xx30-A V1.4.36 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
AVE-xx40 series V1.4.33 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
AVG-XX60 series 2.2.1/12.00.0/0034.0018 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
AVH-xx20 0.0.10 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
AVL-1050-T V1.1.9 02.19 Room Devices Display-Touch Compatible
AVW-5555 V0.35/11 V29/4 02.16 Room Devices Display-Collaboration Compatible

Company Profile

Avocor is a global collaboration technology provider that brings teams together to increase productivity and get more done. Designed with the latest display technology and to fit the way modern workspaces, huddle rooms, hot desks, and meeting spaces work together, Avocor displays offer a premium, flexible user experience that is easily replicated across the Enterprise. Avocor’s industry partnership ecosystem includes some of the most well-known and trusted collaboration technology leaders today, providing a seamless user experience for every meeting.

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