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EPOS Meeting Room Solutions for Barco ClickShare Conference

Unlock the power of easy, intuitive, and flexible hybrid meetings with EPOS and Barco.Simply connect EPOS Meeting Room Solutions to the ClickShare Conference system and enjoy seamless meetings with just one click.Working with all major video conferencing platforms, we bring in-office and remote teams closer together, using their preferred UC platform.

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Periféricos validados

Dispositivo Firmware de
Firmware de
ClickShare Conference
Área de
Tipo Interoperabilidad
EXPAND 30 series 4.8.142 02.19 Room Devices Speakerphone Compatible
EXPAND 40 series 4.12.0 02.19 Room Devices Speakerphone Compatible
EXPAND 80 series 4.13.7 02.19 Room Devices Speakerphone Compatible
EXPAND Vision 1 9.55.0 02.19 Room Devices Camera Compatible
EXPAND Vision 1M 9.27.0 02.19 Room Devices Camera Compatible

Company profile

EPOS designs, manufactures, and sells high-end audio and video solutions for business professionals and gamers around the world. 

Based on decades of psychoacoustic research, EPOS designs audio and video solutions with unique algorithms and acoustics that provide the best conditions for the brain, enabling professional users to communicate and collaborate effectively with better concentration and less energy spent. 

Owned by the world-leading hearing healthcare and audio technology group, Demant, and with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS builds on more than 115 years’ audio expertise and operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 60 countries. 

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