Learn from the best

At Barco, we have the reputation of turning out the industry’s most highly trained professionals. Our certification training program is the most comprehensive in its class, taught by the most experienced instructors, and provided in the finest hands-on facilities.

Most complete

Each Barco training institution acts as a center of excellence, offering both theoretical and nuts-and-bolts information. This approach helps you raise your support level to the market's highest expectations.

Most equipped

Barco classrooms are state-of-the-art teaching environments, specifically designed for hands-on learning. Class sizes are limited to eight students, which ensures a superb student-teacher ratio. Each class combines lectures with extensive exercises and hands-on practice.

Most valued

With over 1,200 professionals participating in Barco’s certification training program each year, the program is by far the most valued in the industry.

Most experienced

All training sessions are conducted by a team of highly experienced professionals with a background in on-site installation and troubleshooting expertise. Their field experience means they understand your needs and challenges.

Most committed

We are fully commited to providing the most comprehensive curriculum in every aspect of our certification training. As the industry advances, we make sure our courses are completely current with the latest technologies.

Why consider Barco training?

A fundamental part of our internal staff education, Barco certification training has also proven to be of significant value for salespeople, operators, technicians, and service engineers employed by business partners, customers and consultancy agencies.